In the age of “political correctness” and well-intentioned “attitude”, still economy remains fundamentally non-political. At least that is how it should be and it should stay that way.

Even if having a look at the official website of the Federal Statistical Office / Germany would explain, that a pandemic obviously does exist in Germany 2020, a virtually created and in result believed situation generates new demands, new markets and new profiteers.

This is exactly where we start over in doing, what we always have been doing. We are trying to provide the best possible contribution, particularly under access to expertise, experience and infrastructure. Synergy makes sense, synergy can be profitable. We hereby expressly do not take any political position, we are a company in the economic structure and everyone should think himself.

In any case, in February/March 2020 in Germany, even if hard to believe, there was a massive delivery bottleneck not only for toilet paper, but also for certain medical items, especially breathing masks.

Known from the world of work to protect the user/wearer of the mask from dust in mining or at the construction site, also known from the medical field, and in the operating room to protect the patient from the surgeon’s breath and vice versa.

If unexpectedly everyone is supposed to wear a “mask”, then it is not surprising that there is not enough “mask”. That is why in spring 2020, under reference to plausibility concerns, we offered our support to municipalities, hospitals and politics to bringing e.g. FFP2 respirators to Germany in large scale utilizing our excellent infrastructure in Asia.

Within a few weeks, by the end of spring 2020, we had already achieved a sales volume in the double-digit million range. Here, too, a reaction to completely new markets was nothing new for us, insofar compare to Zoz Travel, Sailing, Mobility, Living, compare also to auto tires made from dandelion roots or bicycle tires made from banana peels, or to the public bridge Rosenthal at Olpe county / Germany made from FuturBeton (Zoz nanostructured concrete).

early 2020 at Zoz-HQH in Germany, Maltoz®-Street full with heavy trucks full with FFP2-masks

Using our organizing experience from electromobility to additive manufacturing, during spring 2020 we also considered setting up our own manufacturing line for FFP2 masks, since in Germany there are almost no more in-house manufacturing processes for such items.

The resulting potential did not seem great pretty much and in particular not lasting. Once the flu season is over, the enormous need for masks will be over, that we did believe at that time. However, this could have been quite different, once our expertise in the field of innovative materials could also have been materialized.

That is why we proposed quite early in 2020, to set up a mask- and fleece-manufacturing facility, where the latter, once integrating nanosilver in the top layers, could lead to a sustainable and reusable product. These masks would then not only be sterile in the packaging.

photo: at friendly confirmation by Dr. med. Stefan Spieren

Of course, wearing mask for long durations cannot be healthy, there are certainly reasons why we are not born with a rag in our face. Our lungs are also excretory organs. Thus also of course, we would have to change “the mask” more often than the underwear, however, that does not seem to happen. You walk around carelessly with a dirt catcher on your face, which could be significantly improved due to the antibacterial properties of super-activated silver [Ag-SLS].

Some people may think, the new face decoration is cool, some believe that a second valve promises salvation. Please consult your family doctor. We are particularly concerned about the development of not tolerating medical, mask-exempting certificates.

Not at all we would have expected, that the issue of “reaction to Covid19” will accompany us beyond summer 2020, neither it would run into a massively more critical phase. Therefore, now in late autumn 2020, we are pleased to start over again.

Dr. (IPN) Henning Zoz in November 2020